Who We Are

About the Artist(s)

Anita Jain, a floral painter since 1978, has been travelling the world, meeting people, making friends, and learning their stories. These prints emerge from her need to explore feelings of peace. Every flower is never exactly the same, hence the need to preserve, and explore, these designs digitally. The patterns of the paintings emerge from the artist’s need to converse with her emotions, through the idea of silence, in the meditative act of painting itself. The colors, specifically, emerge from her day to day lived experiences. Her work comes about through a variety of artistic expressions, and mediums; as way of example: hand paintings on Canvas, scarves, fabric notebooks, and other materials, along with Oil Paintings, Nib Paintings, and the like.


The canvas prints & photographs come from her journeys with her daughter Swasti who goes by 'itsaws', has captured these images over varying seasons, and edited them to a specific mood. These prints, along with the floral paintings, make up Enya’s Collection.


Made to Order

From clients who are unsure about specific details for the design elements in their wedding, save the color, to people with very structured & planned events, Enya’s Collection has come to rescue in each occasion.